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CHAMELA  (El Super)    GPS N19º31´40" W105º04´12"

PLAYA CHAMELA - LOOKING NORTHThe village of Chamela is located on the southern end of the Bahía de Chamela near mile marker (mm-65), but the local center of activity is at El Super corner (mm-72).  There are nine islands in this large bay, which silhouette the beautiful sunsets and afford good diving. There is Isla Pasavera with it's white cliffs, Isla Colorado with red cliffs.  Smaller islands, Islas Cocinas (kitchens), San Pedro, Novilla, Estinge, and San Augustín are just off Chamela village.  Further south are Islas San Andréas, Isla Pajarera (place of birds), and La Negrita (little black one).  Back in the jungle is Montaña Guegueton with twin peaks at over 1000 meters high, make the Bahía de Chamela even more picturesque.  The surf is higher to the south on this 8 km long bay.  The beach (soft yellow sand) is less than one kilometer off the highway. Chamela is 142 km from Puerto Vallarta and 72 km from Melaque.

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SUNSET AT CHAMELAAsk for a tour of the UNAM biological center at km-59.
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Hire a panga to visit the bird sanctuary and watch Boobie birds (Pájaros) on Isla Pajarera (place of birds).
Go snorkeling or scuba diving off one of the many islands in the bay.  There use to be a private collection of antique cars at El Super. 


Rent a car or take a second class bus from Barra or Melaque and get dropped off at mm-65 or 72 and walk the one km dirt road to the beach.  Phone ahead for accommodations.


OLD SUPERMERCADO AT EL SUPERTIENDA EL 4"El 4" store is at the truck stop at El Super (mm-72) Tel: (315).333.9748, and a mini-market at Villa Polynesia camping club.  There are also tiendas at San Mateo at (mm-70), and at Chamela village under the bridge at mile marker (mm-63)


MEX 200 HIGHWAY LOOKING SOUTH FROM CHAMELAPolice Emergencies - Municipal Police (Preventiva) at El Super corner at (mm-72), and State Police (Policia Auxiliar del Estado) at mile marker (mm-46).
Local Doctora Ofelia Caderón Madrigal (surgeon obstetrician) is at rancho "El Cuatro" in Chamela at km 73.  Tel: (315).333.9728.  There is a Medical Clinic at Perula at (km-76) and at Pueblo Careyes at (km-52).
Telephones (Casetas de larga distancia): at Tejeban restaurant and at El Super Tel: (315).333.9725/9726 Fax: (315).333.9706 (ask for Lucio).


Just south of Chamela and north of Punta Etiopia the pleasant circular cove of "Paraiso" is located. The one km long beach of sand and stone bordered by coconut palms is well protected from the surf by two large islands at the bays entrance. There is no public road access to the beach, so one would have to ride a "panga" from Chamela for a look. A large private estate and helipad owned by the Goldsmith Foundation is on the beaches north end. Excellent snorkeling can be enjoyed on the land side (inside) of the small island, and there are ocean blow holes (depending on the surf and tide) on the bays north point