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INLAND TOWNS & CITIES  (Toward Guadalajara on Mex 80)

Purificación    Photo Gallery    Pop: 4,500+  (elev: 458m)

Villa Purificación is a Colonial town founded in 1530.  It is located in the Municipality of Villa Purificación beside Rio Purificación and accessed from the Mex:80 junction south of Casimiro Castillo.  Local Attractions: Silleta y Macoma hills (strange formations), El Guayabito, La Tablaza and El Vado.   

 Autlán de Navairo     Services    Photo Gallery

Pop: 50,846 (elev: 1,003m - 3,289ft.)
Pre-Hispanic settlement by indigenous natives.  Agricultural and Industrial center.
Attract: 1585 convent and other historic buildings and temples.
5km to hill of Autlán - ancient rock etchings.

 Unión de Tula

Pop: 14,500 (elev: 1285m)
Founded in 1821 (Independence year)
Attract: visit farmstead Santa Ana.


Pop: 15,500 (elev: 1285m)
Attract: museum (gliptodon fossil shell)
fishing at Pochte dam on weekends (4km south)


Pop: 26,000 (elev: 1365m)
Colonial town - founded in 1532
Famous for the birthplace of <Mariachi's>
Attract: Carved rock mansions, Clay pottery, farmstead San Diego.

 Confradía de la Luz

Pop: 6,000 (elev: 1347m)
15km north of Cocula. 
Attract: Porfirian style architecture in plaza.
Sugar cane plantations, Higuera and Saltito dams.


Cuautitlán de García Barragán (The place between the trees) in the Sierra Madre mountains, is a farming community on the Southern edge of the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve.  This area is famous for Sugarcane cultivation, which is trucked to the refinery at Casimiro Castillo.  The Town Square is beautiful with a statue of their town hero Marcelio García Barragán.  Cuautitlán is 76km from Melaque.  To drive here, turn right at the Mex-80 junction just past La Concha, 9km north of La Huerta and travel 25km East over the curvy mountain road.  You can BUS in from La Huerta at 12:30pm and return the next day at 10:00am.  There are two basic economical hotels within a block of the plaza. 

Hotel Guadalupana Hotel Guadalupana  ($190+p/night)
Calle Venustiano Carranza No.70
Tel: (357).384.6056, (357).384.6207
Located one block down from the church plaza.
Hotel Plaza Hotel Plaza  ($180+p/night)
Calle Garcia Barragán No.75
Tel: (357).384.6015
Located across from the Main Plaza.

 El Rincón

Information forthcoming.

 EL gRULLO  Pop: 23,857, Elevation: 800m

El Grullo is a large agricultural town 20km East of Autlán de Navarro.

Hotel Del Camino Real  387.2113

 Photo Unavailable Hotel Del Camino Real  ($430p/n/2per)
Calle Valentín Velasco No.39, Centro El Grullo.
60-Rooms with fans & tv.
Tel: (321)387.2113, 387.3333, Fax: 387.2730
Located 1 blocks South West of the Jardín.

Hotel Corona  384.2570

 Photo Unavailable Hotel Corona  ($370p/n/2per)
Calle Allende No.130, Centro El Grullo.
Rooms & Condos with fans & tv.
Gerente General: L.C.P. Hernán Rosales Preciado

Tel/Fax: (321).387.2570
Located 1.5 blocks North of the Jardín.

Hotel Roly Son, Hidalgo No.798, (321)387.4115, $350-580.
Hotel Bonal Gonzalez Marcos, Calle Colon No.88, (321)387.2355.
Hotel Sedano Cesar, Ave. Jalisco No.100, (321)387.5183.
Las Cuatas Departamentos, Calle Nicolás Braro No.37, Tel: (357).387.2532.

 LA HUERTA    Photo Gallery    Street Map    Pop:7,891

CLICK FOR LARGE PHOTO - BACK BUTTON RETURNSThe small farming and ranching town of La Huerta (the orchard) is located along Mex-80 highway 42km from the coast and 215km from Guadalajara.
A bus or taxi from San Patricio-Melaque will get you there in about 45 minutes.  La Huerta is known locally for fine leather goods, and is a productive area for fruit and vegetable produce.

SERVICES: Policía (357).384.0178, Hospital (357).384.0034, Ambulance (357).384.0400
Taxis (357).384.0513, Mecánico (357).384.0664.
Bus Depots: Autocamiones Cihuatlán (357).384.0051, Primera Plus: Bus Schedule, Second Class.

 Restaurant El Colonial Restaurant El Colonial
Calle 20 de Noviembre (opposite the Jardín)
Tel: (357).384.0095
Specialties: Langostinos y Carnes Preparadas.
Open daily 8am -11:30pm.
Seating for 100+ persons plus banquet tables.
Located opposite the Jardín.

Hotel Gladys  384.0054
 Hotel Gladys Hotel Gladys  ($310p/n/2per)                      WiFi Internet
Calle Paulino Navarro No.51 
40 Rooms with Bathrooms, Fans, TV & A/C.
Inside Secure Parking for 25+ vehicles.

Administrador: Art. Luis Avila
(357).384.0054, (357).384,0155  Fax: (357).384.0204

Hotel Real Asturias  384.1762

HOTEL REAL ASTURIAS Hotel Real Asturias  ($220p/n/2per)            WiFi Internet
Calle Paulino Navarr No.15
26 Rooms with Bathroom, Fans, TV & A/C.
Inside Secure Parking for 35+ vehicles.
Gerente General: J. Alberto Pelayo Ramírez.

Tel: (357

cASIMIRO CASTILLO    Pop: 19,298    Photo Gallery    Street Map

Located in the Municipality of Casimiro Castillo between La Huerta and Autlán de Navairo.  Turn East at the Mex:80 junction and drive for 2 km.  Hotel San Jose is on the left when entering town on the main street Calle Miguel Hildalgo.


Hotel Mision Alaran Hotel Mision Alaran  ($??p/n/2per)          WiFi Internet
Calle Juarez No.12
Rooms with Cable TV, A/C, Fans & Secure Parking.
Dueña: L.A.E. Ingrid Denisse Arias Lara.

Tel: (357
).388.0049, 388.0001
Located a block from the main market.
Loncheria Lupita. Located on the North side of the Public Market  El Menu
Tel: (357).388.0220, Cel: Tel: (317).109.9661, Take-Out & Home Delivery.

Lázaro Cárdenas

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Orange Tree

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Pussy Willow Flower

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Tequesquitlan is a small ranching and farming community located in the mountains inland from the coast.  Like most small Mexican towns, there are rodeos with bandas (Charreadas), regional fairs (Feria Regional), and other special events throughout the year.  These take place in the plaza de toros "La Providencia" or in the central plaza. The town can be visited by vehicle from three directions.  Off Mex 80 Hwy. by car from the junction north of La Huerta.  By off road vehicle or pickup truck on gravel road (32km) from Jaluco, or from the town of Cihuatlán.  Local knowledge is necessary.  There is only one bus a day (1pm) to Tequesquitlan from La Huerta, but there are no overnight accommodations available, so you would have to take a taxi back if there is one available.  Tequesquitlan originated back in 1880 as a 1000 acre ranch hacienda owned by an American man.  When the revolution started in 1910 the hacienda was abandoned and later became the site of the Church which is still the most prominent building in town.

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